new @ croire: candy stripe nails

[croire] candy stripe nail lacquer

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my littler apartment in the sky (simplified)

All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:

One of my most popular posts to date was when I gave you a tour of my SL home. The comments and faves were overwhelming and I am glad others enjoyed it! It was even in the showcase for a little while.

I’ve had to consolidate. The last arrangement was over 1200 prims! I am here to share the condensed version (557 prims).

(scroll down for credits)

Let’s break it down!

  • item: store – title (notes)

*notes that are italicized indicate that the item may not be available anymore

  • skybox: {theosophy} – Presteigne Skybox II (Gold Tea) (outside modded)
  • fence: *~MMG’s~* – Fence-Random-Long_khaki
  • tree: [kusshon] – autumn tree (old hunt gift)
  • chair: [*Art Dummy!] – apple picking (old hunt gift)

There are some new additions, but the color scheme/many items have stayed the same!

  • fireplace:*BamaLama* – Lookie Lou Fireplace (store closed?)
  • basket: BP* – laundry bag/natural (tinted)
  • lamp: iTuTu –  twin shade lamp
  • magazine rack: /artilleri/ – magazine rack *wooden retro*
  • whale:~La’Licious~ – Nautical Little Whale
  • panda art: arcade – the kitsch collection
  • frame:LISP Bazaar- Forest Window Mirror with Wooden Bird
  • table: *BamaLama* – Serendipity Blue Table
  • umbrella stand:LISP Bazaar – Umbrella Stand
  • telephone: arcade - eggplant telephone
  • dessert stand:/artilleri/ – kim cake stand (old hunt item)

  • pillows in the back:Cheeky Pea – Old Pillow Pile
  • candles:{ what next } – Candle in Jar
  • tapes:RC Cluster – full house tapes (store closed)
  • yellow boxes:Second Spaces – accessory boxes
  • art on wall:wunder – canvas authentic
  • pinboard collage (right):nordari. – pinbee – music (old hunt gift)
  • chair: Kari – Ross chair (old gacha festival item)
  • soda: Reek - Pop Bucket
  • desk:*Tatty Soup* – Kokomo Table
  • thread bobbins:*~MMG’s~* – Wood bobbin
  • diary on floor:Dutchie – open diary
  • makeup:Cheap Cheap – Make Up
  • doodles:~Scribble~ –  Gacha Napkin Doodles (old gacha festival item, store closed)
  • flower on top of cart:::Modest House:: – bottle flower (old hunt gift)

That’s all folks. Which version do you like better?

new clothing release @ croire: spring fever cardigan

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of winter already.

[croire] spring fever cardigan
This subtly sexy pullover features a top section of sheer lace meeting a soft jersey knit texture with hand-drawn shading. Available in 4 colors, and includes all clothing layers and prim cuffs/front knot.

Flickr Firsts: [croire] spring fever cardigan

You can also purchase this new release on the marketplace!

All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:

New @ Croire

[croire] snow angel makeup set

All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:

Petite Sequin Skirt

The petite sequin skirt features custom sculpts, color options, and more. All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:

[croire] petite sequin skirt

new @ croire

croire @ the fashion garrett: new makeup!

new @ croire: doe-eyed makeup set

this is a new release for for project themeory!

this week’s theme: oh deer!

main store:

new @ croire: doe-eyed makeup set

  • nude lip balm
  • rouge blush w/ sheer cheekbone highlight
  • dark brown/light brown eyeshadow, with sheer eyebrow highlight
  • dark red/black double-winged eyeliner
  • sunkissed freckles :)

separate/full face tattoo layers. comes with a dark and light version.

also includes an eyebrow shape and style card!

75L this weekend, will go to regular price on monday.

main store:

new @ croire

croire @ jewlery fair: magnifying glass necklaces

croire (main store):

weekend sales @ croire

[croire] saltwater taffy frames gacha

All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:

2 releases, new group gift, and tons more!

new @ croire: zooey dress

the zooey dress was inspired by zooey deschanel for project themeory’s “celebritize yourself” theme this weekend! this dress features an adorable cut-out heart back, and a custom sculpted skirt with belt color options. there are 9 different dress colors available, and they’re 75L this weekend only.

new @ croire: pins & needles pose pack

All of croire’s products are for sale on the SL Marketplace:


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